Welcome to WyOpen - Wyoming's Online Checkbook!

WyOpen gives you easy access to State of Wyoming expenditures, so you can see how our state spends money. This site includes payments made by the State of Wyoming through the Wyoming Online Financial System (WOLFS) to vendors for the purchase of goods and services.

Currently, this site includes expenditure data or expenditures made by the State of Wyoming between July 15th 2019 through July 11th 2024.


The data presented on this website does not include all State of Wyoming expenditures. Confidential or sensitive data protected by state or federal law has been excluded. Information excluded may include, but is not limited to:

  • Transactions that qualify as “Aid to Individuals”; such as Medicaid, Medicare, and other direct assistance payments
  • Refunds associated with assistance programs
  • Expenses related to confidential law enforcement activities
  • Subsidized adoptions; and/or foster care payments
  • Child support recoveries collections, distributions and refunds
  • Victim compensation claims
  • Personnel and disability payment claims

  • Limitations

    Individual agency expenditures may not align with the agency’s final appropriated budget due to the removal of confidential payments and/or timing of expenditures and encumbrances.

    Additional Expenditure Data Information

    Expenditure data is classified by expenditure types within the WOLFS system. For a listing of these WOLFS expenditure types, please go to: http://sao.wyo.gov/agency-resources/wolfs and click the “Object/sub-Object Listing” link.